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What Are Liver Disease Symptoms?

What Are Liver Disease Symptoms?

The liver is one of the vital organs in the body. It acts as a filtration device to keep toxins from invading your other organs. Think of it as the filter in your coffee pot, without the filter your morning cup of precious black liquid elixir would be infiltrated by specs of coffee grounds swimming around without a care to your dilemma.

So if this were coffee to be used in a cold concoction you’d ruin all the good stuff like caramel, chocolate, froth and cream with these un-welcomed guests tainting each needed component.

Without the liver working nonstop to filter the blood of wastes that come from the colon and kidneys many toxins can escape into the bloodstream and cause some toxic build up inside the body tissues and linings that can eventually lead to liver cancer, liver poisoning and other related serious diseases.

Being the body’s automatic detoxification system the liver must be kept healthy in order to work properly. This auto detox is done when an individual sweats, urinates, defecates and even by breathing.

Remember what they taught in biology class about our respiratory system? We breathe in oxygen while we breathe out carbon dioxide. That there is the liver doing its job of ridding the body of wastes, diets lifestyles and even global warming can affect the amount of toxins that the liver. This is why liver detoxification is a necessity.

Liver detoxification is a fairly simple process involving methods that can be conveniently done at home. Liver flushing is typically the first step though for others it is enough to count as the liver detox regimen. Flushing is simply a method of fasting or observing only a liquid diet. The effects of liver flushing are visible on the first or second day where individuals can note that the bulge in their midsection has definitely been reduced. Flushing can be accomplished within five to 10 days after which it will be followed by a liver detoxification diet. Consumption of all organic foods combined with the reduction of processed foods, saturated fats, refined sugars, sodas, foods rich in preservatives etc.

The idea is to consume as much organic food as possible the more unprocessed the better the results. A daily glass of lemon detox drink could also speed up the detoxification process. Another helpful alternative is the use of food supplements that are easily available in health food stores. The good thing about herbal supplements is that it provides the necessary nutrients that are needed to help sustain the diet.

Effects of liver detoxification are immediately visible, individuals who suffer from sluggishness, anxiety, depression, skin problems, headaches, aches and pains and even irregular bowel movements should notice improvements. Liver detoxification makes sure that our liver functions properly. It is essential to take care of it before it is too late, remember the saying: “prevention is better than cure.” Best of Health.