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Frequently Asked Raw Food Diets Questions

Frequently Asked Raw Food Diets Questions

What is the detox process and how bad is it?

The detox process will vary for everybody, but usually in the worst cases it is not that bad. If you had been eating an unhealthy diet, there are a lot of harmful toxins and chemicals that need to be expelled.

When this occurs you may experience some symptoms like headaches, slight dizziness, coughing, diarrhea, and skin rashes. These are nothing to be alarmed about and last only a few days. But once you are rid of these symptoms, you’ll be all the better for it and notice it in the way you look and feel.

How much raw uncooked food do I have to eat for my diet to be considered healthy?

To be considered on the raw vegan diet, at least 75% of the food you eat should be raw. But you don’t need to eat that much raw to begin with. Just gradually substitute cooked and processed foods for raw foods gradually and increase the ratio. You’ll get the benefits of raw foods along the way.

Should I Refrigerate My Food?

For packaged food, optimal storage instructions should be included on the packaging. For fresh produce, ideally you should store them at room temperature until fully ripe. Once ripe, you can store fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator but at temperatures that are not too cold (above 52 degrees F).

Can I eat out on a raw foods diet?

Well with most restaurants you are currently limited to salads if you want to eat out and stay raw. So if you are used to eating out a bit, you’ll probably want to stick with salads, but usually most restaurants do a good job with them, excluding the dressings. However there are more places that cater to raw enthusiasts starting to pop up. You can find a raw food listings directory at . It looks like it is still in development, so hopefully they will have something in your area.

What’s the best way to find other raw eaters/vegans in my area?

Being raw can be much easier in conjunction with others than by yourself. You can look for raw vegan forums online – a popular one is , and see if there are members in your area. Also you can use social networking sites like Facebook, which has tons of groups that are based on certain interests, and , where you can find local raw food events.

What are some good sources of information for raw food diets and vegan raw diets?