Cogniflex Review - Does It Really Legit Supplement or Scam?

CogniFlex Review: Nowadays "Brain Drugs" are going really very popular among users for different purposes. People are preferring to get these Brain Drugs to boost their focus, mental health, and thought process. There are thousands of products related to Brain health get released on daily basis. And CogniFlex is one of them and talking more about it I have written a detailed review on it.

So today I will be sharing CogniFlex Review with you guys to cover almost all the relevant points which may bring up any doubts in your mind. I will be addressing questions like Does it worth your money? Should you go for these supplements? And more and more!

CogniFlex Review 2017 | Does CogniFlex Brain Pill Work or Scam? Find Out!!

CogniFlex Review - Is It a Scam or Not?

So here I start talking about CogniFlex which will be helping you to get the better idea about CogniFlex and its procedure.

What is CogniFlex?

Firstly, it is important for you to know that what actually CogniFlex is and to address this question I am adding this section. CogniFlex is a dietary supplement whose 60 capsules you get in the single pack. And by taking two supplements daily you can actually enhance your brain health. So it is basically manufactured to enhance the maintain health of consumers.

The key ingredients of CongniFelx are L-Theanine, vinpocetine, and Bacopa monnieri and by providing these ingredients in right dosage; CogniFlex claims to offer following benefits from their supplements:

Boost your Concentration

Enhance your Energy

Improves Creativity

Improves Memory Recall

Skyrocket Work Productivity

It is worth to mention here that CogniFlex is not being individually studied in the scientific clinical environment; even though, the manufacturer provides substantial scientific evidence for the ingredients used within CogniFlex.

How CogniFlex Works?

Now let's talk about the working procedure of CogniFlex and let you guys know that what kind of chemical reaction it does to provide you satisfactory results. CogniFlex claims to provide the above-mentioned results by using the ingredients in the right dosage. And to talk about the ingredients I have listed them below;



L-Tyrosine claims to boost brain health by encouraging the production of “neurotransmitters that promote mental alertness.”



L-Theanine acts as an inhibitory neurotransmitter that prevents over-excitement to maintain focus.


Bacopa Monnieri:

It is a natural herbal compound that increases cerebral blood flow and cognitive function simultaneously.


Rhodiola Rosea:

It is another natural ingredient which is a plant-based extract that “helps proper functioning of neurotransmitter”, according to the manufacturer's official website.



Vinpocetine boosts ATP (cellular) energy production by improving the brain’s utilization of glucose.


Huperzine A:

Huperzine A inhibits acetylcholinesterase, which is an enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine. Acetylcholine plays a critical role in memory formation. By reducing its breakdown, you can significantly improve short-term and long-term memory.

All the of the mentioned ingredients are well-known and studied nootropic ingredients. These all ingredients are sold separately to provide you the mentioned benefits.

Does It Worth Your Money?

Now you might be thinking that does CogniFlex worth your money? So to answer this I am adding Scientific reasoning of CogniFlex with you guys. Since I already mentioned above that CogniFlex is not independently clinically studied. However, the ingredients used have been studied separately. To talk about Bacopa monnieri, it has proven that improve the speed of visual information and memory consolidation. You can refer the study of 2002 here.

Rhodiola Rosea is another ingredient which is proven to reduce mental fatigue and boost the mental health. You can read this study from April 2000 published in Phytomedicine. Now to get to know about Huperzine A which is proven to enhance learning performance can be seen in 1999 publication here.

Vinpocetine boosts ATP (cellular) energy production by improving the brain’s utilization of glucose. You can verify this study in the 1985 publication here.

CogniFlex Price and Guarantee:

CogniFlex offers interesting and attractive offers. It offers one bottle of 60 capsules costs $48, three bottles cost $96 and five bottles cost $144.

According to the terms of CogniFlex, ones you have purchase it then you will be enrolled in the auto-ship program in which they will send you new product every month and charge for it. However, their supervisor is denying this news and saying that it is a one-time purchase option. And they have added "monthly auto ship enrollment" for legal perspective and future use.

In case you get enrolled in this auto shipping program then you can call this number 1-800-767-4440 to cancel this order. Now talking about its Guarantee, then CogniFlex offers you 30-days Moneyback guarantee from the date of purchasing the product. It further added that if you consumed the product and it did not give the satisfactory results then you can return the empty bottles and claim your money back.

Bottom Line on CogniFlex Review - Should You Go For It?

  1. Now comes the concluding part, as I have already discussed all the facts and figures about CogniFlex and according to me there is no any flaw which I found in this product so far.
  2. As it is mentioned that some of the ingredients used actually help in boosting brain performance. However, the ingredients added are not mentioned in the amount used in CogniFlex so it is little hard to say that whether it will really provide the benefit or not.
  3. However, 30 days money back guarantee even after use secures your money and you should give it a shot to test it yourself that whether this product work for you or not. So you can actually give it a try on trial basis.
  4. Furthermore, do share your results after consuming one bottle of CogniFlex as your results will give confidence to many who might be hesitating before consuming these supplements. So help us making the entire community healthy.

Has this review helped you? If it has then do share it with others as you may never know that your friends might be looking for the same and your share may help them out. So keep sharing and liking our content over social media. CogniFlex Review

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