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Month: December 2018

Outsourcing Your Pharmacy Management Systems

As a community pharmacist, you wear many hats. In addition to filling prescriptions and consulting with customers, you order medicines, train new employees, and handle the finances. This leaves you little time to educate yourself on the latest medicines and technologies needed to maintain your edge over the larger chain pharmacies.

Your Business Struggles

Because you’re a small business owner, these assignments take away time that could be used to build up your client base and promote the advantages of your pharmacy over others in your community. You want to hire individuals to deal with administrative tasks; however, it’s out …

How is a Comfortable, Well-Designed Home Better for Your Mental Health?

Your mental health and bodily health are linked. Ergo, you need to take care of one to be able to take care of another. This article focuses mental health, as your surroundings and environment has more of an impact on your mood, attitude, and stability than you imagine.

Mental stability and positive health can begin at home for you, so a comfortable, well-designed home would be a mood booster, an attitude elevator, and a sanctuary for when those negative thoughts plague you after a rough week.

Declutter of Your Home = Declutter of Your Mind

Your mental health is closely …