Selected Guidelines For A Healthy Heart Part 1

Selected Guidelines For A Healthy Heart Part 1

Keeping a healthy heart is not negotiable. This reason why this is so not too difficult to find. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in both men and women. The death rate is greater than the closest five causes of death put together. All in all up to 64 million Americans suffer from one form or another of cardiovascular disease. One of the key ways to maintain a healthy heart is by carefully considering what you eat. In this regard there will be no need to reinvent the wheel as much work and research from the best experts in the world has gone into creating the best suitable meals and recipes for a healthy heart.

Eat more vegetables and fruits

This is a standard yet very important rule across many diseases and conditions. Hypertension patients are encouraged to eat lots of fruits and vegetables as a way of lowering their high blood pressure. Fruits and vegetables also positively influence cholesterol levels. In fact the heart is closely linked to blood pressure. Heart disease can be a cause of high blood pressure in the case of secondary hypertension. Apparently eating fruits and vegetables is also highly beneficial to your heart health. Fruits and vegetables are known to contain substances found in plants that help prevent cardiovascular disease.

There are many ways to keep fruits and vegetables in your mix of diet. The best way is to keep well prepared fruits in your refrigerator for a quick pick as a snack. You can take some along to work or when you go out for a quick energizer in between long hours behind the desk. People who are quitting smoking, an important step to promote heart health and control blood pressure, are encouraged to keep with them some snacks to take instead of having a cigarette on their mouth. Taking fruit instead is a good way of contributing to positive heart health.

Limit unhealthy fats and cholesterol

This is perhaps the most popularly known way of contributing to a healthy heart. Most people today know the dangers of unhealthy fats and cholesterol which are today found in fast food products. These fats and cholesterol have the effect of building up dangerous plaque in the arteries. This increases the risk of stroke and heart attack. It also increases the risk of high blood pressure in people who are not hypertensive. The combination of hypertension and a heart condition increases the risk of mortality in heart disease patients.