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Natural Detoxification Vs Purification

Natural Detoxification Vs Purification

If there is someone trying to gain a deep and holistic understanding of the body and mind, the topic of purification versus natural detoxification is a critical important one. Various people can be misguided but these are actually two different, though related phenomena. It gives rise to a host of mis-perceptions and confusions.

Natural detoxification is a process to the removal of biological, chemical, metabolic and other structural toxins from the body. Purification, however, refers to the smoothing out and bringing to clarity of the electromagnetic fields that make up the mind-body interface. The reason that it is so imperative to understand the distinction is because we have a biochemical portion of our being and we have an electromagnetic part of our being. While these two are in constant ties to each other and each one is constantly responding to the dynamism and changes of the other, it’s very important to understand that they are of a fundamentally different order.

In order to allow this process to unfold, the most important thing for us to “do” is get out of our own way. For example, there are times that there are misunderstandings about exercise or exercise physiology. Some think going to the gym and stressing the body is what generates muscle growth. This is actually only a small part of what is happening.

Once again, when we are talking about purification we are actually referring to the smoothing out, clearing and aligning of the electromagnetic fields within the body-mind matrix. This means that the various obstructions, obscurations, bends, twists, snarls, snags, and places of blockage within the flow of those electromagnetic fields. These are the stresses, difficulties, confusions and tensions of the mind and the emotions. Natural detoxification can bring the presence of these obscurations into awareness, but it cannot of itself remove them. Again, natural detoxification simply refers to the removal of toxins such as petrochemicals, heavy metals, metabolic waste products, accumulations in the digestive tract, liver, kidneys, skin and more.

Generally speaking when you are speaking in reference to the power of flower essences and in particular natural detoxification, thinking about this is so important to understand this distinction is because Siddatech flower essences bring about purification. They align, smooth and balance the electromagnetic basis of the body not the body’s biochemical matrix. From the above, it should be easier to understand why our “Detox” remedy is a broad spectrum agent for the removal of impurities of the mind and emotions that lead to gaps and restrictions within the physical body where toxins can be stored.

The compelling thing with natural detoxification and purification is that you can go either way. Taking away the impurities in the body can detect various electromagnetic differences. However, the revelation of a specific electromagnetic obstruction doesn’t necessitate its removal.