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Month: March 2020

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How to Manage Adult Acne

Along with learning to drive, filling out college applications and finding a prom date, dealing with acne is a common part of being a teenager. Unfortunately, millions of people continue to develop blackheads and whiteheads as they enter adulthood. Those who suffer from adult acne (defined as acne that develops after age 25) should follow these steps to treat and manage it.

See a Dermatologist

The best way to determine any potential underlying causes of adult acne and develop an effective acne treatment plan is to schedule a visit with a dermatologist. He or she will examine your skin and …

General Article

Groundwater Use: What You Need to Know About British Columbia’s Water Sustainability Act

The Water Sustainability Act (WSA) was implemented in 2016 to provide updates to water regulations, with a focus on ensuring sustainable access to clean water for current and future generations. Among the modifications to water policy and regulation found in the WSA are those involving procedural requirements for non-domestic groundwater use. Important changes were made to licensing requirements, groundwater protection regulations, and fee requirements.

Licensing Requirements

Under the law, all groundwater use that is not for household purposes requires a permit. The permitting system allows for water allocation monitoring for groundwater, as has already existed for surface water use. Securing …