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Understanding the Thyroid, Adrenals and Detox Recipes

Understanding the Thyroid, Adrenals and Detox Recipes

What grinds my gears is how thousands of people jump on the bandwagon of trying to make a buck on people’s poor health. I guess my strong ethics kick in and I want to battle for the little guy. Don’t even get me started with acai berry or lemon detox products or countless others because in the end yourdetox recipes and procedures must be in sync with the thyroid and adrenals.

It can be a very complicated subject but to put it in simple terms both of those glands are the foundation of energy in the human body. After all increased energy is the point of detoxing and using detox recipes for diet. Lets not forget exercise and hydrating the body and all the healthy things one does.

So in the end one needs to detoxify the body so all the body systems run at optimum levels. Makes sense because when all systems are running properly at 100% than energy levels are in their upper range. When energy levels are very high the entire system is running very strong. The challenge is to get on track and get the cycle started. You need to realize that most people have thyroid and adrenal deficiency at some level. Blood tests don’t show the true picture. Many times they don’t show thyroid and adrenal imbalances until it’s a bigger problem.

Due to our very toxic world, all the body organs are toxic and fight to function harder than they should. This of course includes the thyroid and adrenals, which are the energy center of the human body. With very accurate testing we can determine if one has overactive thyroid and adrenals or underactive glands. Thedetox recipes for the right dietary program depend on this information.

You may ask why and the reason is if you have overactive thyroid and adrenals than your rate of oxidation is fast. Fast oxidation is burning food quickly and the correctdetox recipes for a dietary plan would be slower burning food. This would help slow down both glands. Slower burning food such as high quality fat and oil combined in any meal plan would be the target.

And example of a detox recipe for a fast oxidizer would be piece of steamed salmon with walnuts, baby spinach with garlic and olive oil. (slow burning fuel for the overactive thyroid and adrenals) There are other supplements to this as well for balancing the oxidation rate but I will write about that in a future article.

Here’s the thing you should know. If you didn’t have your thyroid and adrenals you wouldn’t be able to lift your pinky on your hand. You would not have the energy to smile. That’s how important these glands are. With that in mind correctdetox recipes for a diet program must be in sync with a persons oxidation rate. (thyroid and adrenal function) Again slower burning food for the fast oxidizer and faster burning food for the slow oxidizer. There are more parts to this than just diet but this will increase the production of energy.

Detox recipes will only make a difference when the food recipes are in sync with the oxidation rate and balancing out the thyroid and adrenals. This article was not about actual recipes per se but more about a major concept of health and which detox recipes work once you know your oxidation rate.

It takes lots of energy to detox and with the right combination you can increase energy naturally and safely for disease prevention. Once the thyroid and adrenals get closer to balance more energy is created and detoxification will be further enhanced as well as absorption and elimination.

Oh, by the way did I mention you would be feeling happier?