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Reducing Stress For Lung and Overall Health – Why You Should Be Interested!

Reducing Stress For Lung and Overall Health – Why You Should Be Interested!

Many believe stress is a near unavoidable aspect of modern living. We are taught by advertising and our society that stress is something that comes in from outside of us and is impossible to avoid… or is it? Fundamental to reducing stress is understanding its very nature, and the way you look at it. At its core, Stress is your reaction to a given situation, in which you are concerned that the outcome will be negative.

Why this is so important for your overall health and the health of your lungs is that stress, while a mental reaction, causes real physical changes which lower your immune system and destroy your body’s detoxification processes! Being able to lower stress levels therefore is essential in boosting your lung detox chances and making living more pleasant too!

So lets take a look at stress again and really understand it:

The Hypothetical

What stresses you? A common example is being late for work. Many bosses like giving their employees hell about being late, even if what caused the problem was out of the employee’s control. So there you are, sitting in gridlock, missing that all important meeting, or just not at your desk when your boss walks by, checking on you. Is this something you’d be likely to stress over? YES!

Now let’s modify this ‘stressful’ situation. Say your work had a flexitime arrangement, so it didn’t much matter if you were late for some reason, as long as you did all your hours. Let’s also say your bosses were understanding (unlikely I know but this is a hypothetical, okay?), so first scheduled meetings were at 11 am so everyone had plenty of time to get there. Now if you had this arrangement, how would you feel about the near future from your car in that traffic snarl? You wouldn’t be nearly so bothered, most likely.

From this example, you can see that Stress is your reaction to what you perceive as an unfavourable outcome to a situation you find yourself in. This holds both the secret, and the answer. If you do not perceive the situation as stressful, stress won’t be such a devastating factor in your life.