How to Take Care of your Dental Implants

We could summarize the care that dental implants need saying that it is exactly the same care that natural teeth require. This is not surprising, since the objective of the dental implant and its crown is to perform the same functions as the piece that they have replaced.

The Steps

Here is a breakdown with several steps to take care of your dental implants:

  • The ideal is that you brush your teeth whenever you eat something, so we recommend that you avoid snacking between meals. In any case, at least, you should brush two or three times a day, paying special attention to brushing at night (before going to sleep).
  • It is very important to prevent plaque buildup between the teeth and gums. Don’t just clean the tooth’s surface. You must also brush the periodontal tissues, that is, the union between the crowns and the gums. In this part, food remains are easily piled up and hidden.
  • To properly care for your implants, conventional brushing is not enough. Also, use interdental brushes; Its small size and its cylindrical head will help you remove the food remains that are hidden between the teeth.
  • To take care of your dental implants, it is also very important that you do not smoke. Tobacco is bad for your health in general, but it is especially bad for your implants. It affects the healing capacity of the tissues and increases the chances of generating periodontal or peri-implant disease, one of the main reasons for rejecting dental implants.


We recommend that you also use other tools, such as oral irrigators and mouthwashes. The oral irrigator is an instrument with a pressurized water system, which is especially useful when the gums are somewhat irritated and receded and periodontal pockets have formed.

It is true that if you follow these instructions, your dental hygiene routine will last for more than two minutes. However, keep in mind that a little extra investment of time in caring for your dental implants can save you a lot of trouble in the future.