Types of Orthodontic Treatment

If you schedule an appointment with the orthodontist, you will find there are several treatment options to consider. The treatment prescribed by your orthodontist will depend on your teeth or jaw issue. Getting to know some of the most common treatments used today will help you better understand how common orthodontic issues are treated.


Braces consist of metal brackets, wires, and bands. They are considered the mainstay of orthodontic treatment. An orthodontist located in Lakewood Colorado may recommend braces if you have serious orthodontic problems or if you are trying to close gaps in your teeth or align them quickly. Modern, high-tech braces wires are not as noticeable as the wires used in the past. The colorful elastic bands that are used also make the braces more fun. Even though braces are commonly seen among younger people, adults can also have braces to help fix their smile.

Two-Phase Orthodontics

This helps prevent younger patients from having to undergo more serious orthodontic treatment later in their life. It is recommended by The American Association of Orthodontists that your child receives an evaluation by the age of eight to find any issues that may benefit from early treatment.

That’s because if you seek early treatment and care, while a child’s jawbone and teeth are still developing, the treatment will be much easier and is often more effective. The first phase of this process usually uses expanders along with other dental appliances that help create more room in the jaw for teeth that are coming in. This will help reduce the need for jaw surgery or tooth extractions when the child gets older.

Usually, phase II will begin when most of the adult teeth are in place. It also involves the use of aligners and braces once all adult teeth are in place.


Orthodontic aligners help straighten the teeth without the use of brackets, wires, or traditional braces. With aligners, a series of plastic, clear trays are used. These fit over the teeth and can be removed. Aligners are used for a set amount of time and then new ones are created until the teeth are moved into the proper position.

It is a good idea for children to seek orthodontic treatment early in life. The many treatment options available can help ensure they have a straight, healthy, and beautiful smile and that they don’t have tooth alignment issues as they become an adult.