Detox Your Lungs & Avoid Lung Cancer

Detox Your Lungs & Avoid Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a serious health risk to anyone who has smoked even for a short period of time, and the longer you smoke, the more risk you bring to yourself. However, if you detox your lungs after quitting, you can greatly reduce these dangers and also combat many other lung diseases in the process.

There is a range of conditions that cleansing your lungs can help prevent, such as:




Heart attacks

and more

So just how do you detox your lungs?

There are a number of methods which make up a proper lung cleansing regime. When put together over a period of time, your body will be able to: flush the tar that is clogging up your lungs, fight against the toxins and chemicals that currently effect them, and boost your overall health as well. Some methods to do this are:


Changing your eating habits is the first step to cleansing your lungs. Here are some foods that you should include in your diet:

Garlic – Powerful anti-bacterial agent for the respiratory system. (and tasty too!)

Ginger – Immune boosting root that is easy to add to many dishes.

Chilli – The spicy chilli and other spicy foods help to liquefy mucus making it easier to dislodge form the airways.

Fresh fruit and vegetables – This is always a good addition to any diet and will help boost your immune system and keep you healthy

There are also some foods you should avoid:

Dairy foods – These cause mucus build-up which makes tar harder to dislodge and makes it harder to breathe.

Processed foods – Overly packaged and processed foods have had huge amount of nutrients ripped from them. This can cause problems with digestion and hormone balances which makes it harder for the body to detox


Structured, regular sleep of a good length every night can really help to make your body run more efficiently. Broken, irregular sleep can lead to feeling run down and getting sick more often. This is bad news when you need your body to be working at peak efficiency to flush the lungs of toxins!


Exercise in general is good and specific lung exercises can really help to improve the strength and capacity of your lungs. It can also help to dislodge much of the gooey sticky mucus and tar mixture that is causing irritation and clogging the airways.


There are some specific vitamins that are a real godsend to those with sickly lungs. Some of these can help fight of nicotine cravings helping you quit, but can also help to improve your lung health combine with the other parts of the program to purge the lungs of toxins.