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The Importance of a Natural Body Detoxification

The Importance of a Natural Body Detoxification

A large part of controlling abdominal fat starts with the liver. That is, if we can help the liver control toxins, the liver will in turn be better able to eliminate fat as waste. One of the signs the body is accumulating toxins is when there is excessive fat buildup, especially in the stomach area. This is a way the body protects its vital organs, as when toxins begin to build, the body produces fat as a place to store these toxic wastes to prevent them from harming our life-supporting organs. And it will be hard to eliminate this stubborn belly fat until the risk of toxins to the body is reduced.

Unfortunately for most of us, our levels of toxic buildup are at a point where the body cannot remove them naturally and only through dieting. Certainly a proper diet plan can go a long way to controlling toxins, and after the body has had a chance to detoxify itself a system of preventive maintenance is necessary. But due to the environment we live in and the foods we consume, it is a battle that must always be fought. To know how to fight these toxins, it is important to know where they originate from. The following are a few sources:

Food additives and preservatives

Detergents and fumes from adhesives and car exhaust

Hormones and antibiotics from non-organic food

Pesticides and growth hormones from agricultural chemical contaminants


Without eliminating these substances from your system they will build up and make you feel tired and sluggish, and as mentioned earlier cause fat buildup as the body’s defense mechanism to protect itself. Also, if the liver is working full-time to eliminate these toxins, it has to postpone what we really want it to do, that is to metabolize and eliminate fats.

So now here is a quick synopsis of where to start on a body detox. Most experts believe that the program should start with a colon and intestinal cleansing. If the colon and intestinal track are not completely clear of obstructions, when the real flushing of the organs begin in steps two and three major toxins could back up like a plugged drain, pushing them back into the bloodstream.

Also, during this phase you should include a heavy metal cleanse. Test can be taken, usually with hair samples, to check the degree of toxicity in your system. Before starting any detox program, you should take benchmark readings of where your body stands in relation to these poisons. It is quite easy to do, and it will give you quite an accurate reading. Plus it will let you will know where you stand as you advance in the detoxification procedures.

Step two will involve a kidney detox and gallbladder cleansing preparation. This removes contaminants from the kidneys and the toxic load they deal with, in addition to softening troublesome gall stones that everybody unfortunately has. By doing this the liver detox will be much easier to perform.