Everyone Needs Some Vitamins!

Everyone Needs Some Vitamins!

Good, well balanced nutrition is important for maintaining good health, and vitamins are necessary for our health. Most of our vitamins come from the food that we take in. But if the food we eat doesn’t include all the vitamins we need, were more prone to develop a number of disorders.

Scientists have discovered 13 different kinds of vitamins A, B group, C, D, E, D and K. All of these vitamins play a different roll and are very good for different things. Vitamins are that part of a balanced diet which the human body usually cannot produce on its own. Have you ever sat there and just thought to yourself why the left corner of your lips get swollen frequently or are you often prone to getting sick always having a cough and cold, are you ever worried about your child’s growth? If you’re worrying about these things vitamins can help!

Vitamin A prevents skin from drying out and helps us see better in the dark. It’s also referred to be for growth and body repair. Foods that we can find this in such as fish liver oil, the yellow part of eggs, and carrots. This is very essential in the formation of bone and tissues and also keeps your skin very smooth, and if you’re night blind, the cure is having more vitamin A.

Vitamin B-1 is what helps with the heart and nervous system work properly. It’s an energy building vitamin which helps you to digest carbohydrates. With out it we could not grow. This is found in a lot of things like nuts, meat, green vegetables. Vitamin B-3 prevents a disease called pellagra. Vitamin B-12 prevents anemia. Good sources of vitamin b-12 are eggs, meat, and milk. It’s required for carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Which this is a must for children’s growth!

Vitamin C is necessary for strong bones and teeth and for healthy blood vessels. It’s a very common pronounced vitamin world wide. This also resists any infection to grow in your body. Without its support collagen cannot be synthesized in the body. Foods rich with C are citrus fruits, tomatoes and raw cabbage. Many people believe consuming more C will reduce of catching a cold or flu and reduce its severity. Vitamin K is needed for the coagulation of blood. This is produced by our body but we can also find it in other things like pork, cabbage or spinach. It’s normally produced by bacteria in the large intestine.

Without vitamins our bodies become very weak, we become groggy, were more prone to becoming sick and unhealthy, which mean vitamins are very important for the human body. If you don’t eat the right foods or take the vitamins you need you will not only lose your weight but you’ll lose your health. Something you could try is Homocysteine Control, it’s a good vitamin, a metabolite of the amino acid methionine, and it’s been linked to an elevated risk of vascular disease.