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Wellness In Your Food

Wellness In Your Food

Vegetarianism is good for the body, the mind, the earth and the universe. This does not mean that animal products are not good. There were times on earth where it was necessary for humans to eat animal products. It is not the animal and the animal products that are toxic, it is the production and the requirements of the production that are detrimental for the body and the earth. Nowadays it is the production of animal products in such large quantities that are detrimental for the earth and its resources. Hence, unless animal products are not from natural farming, it is better to leave it aside and concentrate on the plants and vegetables world. This could include personal farming in the backyard of the house even in urban settings. Being vegetarian enhances the body ability to generate its own health. Vegetarianism includes nuts and seeds which bring essential minerals to the body.

Slow food is a movement initiated by an italian man 1989 following the establishment of the first outlet of a fast food chain in downtown Rome. Today the movement counts more than twenty thousands members and is entirely dedicated to locally grown, seasonal and organic products. Eating slow food is a healthy habit, supported by the concept of eating in the now and being conscious of what is being eaten. Unfair trade agreements, inhuman working conditions, earth un-friendly productions units, all have contributed to deplete the unique assets of our planet. Moreover, the consciousness that has been driving the production also contributed to release negative charges to the earth. Eating slow food is good for the body, the mind and the earth. It is based on bio-fuel and natural compost and doe snot require much investments, you can start it in your garden. Interestingly partnerships to identify products, varieties of plants and animal breeds that are in danger of disappearing are also part of the movement.

To detoxify your body you can also opt for a healthy detoxification once every four weeks. For three days eat only fruits and vegetables. Drink fresh grapes smoothies as they are potent cleanser and with an additional acid fruit such as pineapple or lemon, the process is complete. The grapes clean the intestine and the lemon cleanses the oils. One per day with nothing else than vegetables and carbohydrates such as pasta, whole bran rice or barley. As a rule eliminate all meats, processed sugars, saturated fats and oils and replace with honey, olive, rice or coconut oil.