The History of Colonics

The History of Colonics

Since ancient times there has been recorded documentation of colon cleansing, beginning with the enema. Ancient peoples gave themselves enemas in the river utilizing hollow reeds to stimulate water to flow into the rectum. Other recorded colonics through the ages include:


King Louis XI attributed enemas for relieving his bout of seizures.

King Louis XIII received over 200 enemas in one year.

King Louis XIV reportedly, by William Lieberman, had over 2,000 enemas during his reign.


There are ancient Egyptian documents citing enema therapy. Hippocrates, Pare and Galen are ascribed with advancing the use of enemas as a therapeutic treatment.


Seemingly no home was without one, they were so common place. Liquids with color and fragrance were used for the 3-4 time daily enemas considered essential to one’s well-being. Playwrights of the generation, including Molier, mentioned enemas in theatrical plays.

In the book “De Clysteribus” written by Regnier De Graff in 1668, the invention of a self administered enema with a flexible tube connected to an enema bag was described. Until this time, enemas necessitated an assistant.

Medical doctors highly recommended enema treatments, however, often their apprentices or even a barber performed the treatment.


The invention of rubber in the 1750’s enabled the development of a more comfortable nozzle, thus making enemas easier and more comfortable to use.


Enemas were still commonly used for the purpose of maintaining health and preventing disease. It is noted that prior to the famous Lewis and Clarke expediation, their physician recommended the use of enemas for fever and illness, a widely accepted procedure for offsetting an illness.

Vincenz Priessnitz, an Austrian developed the first hydropathic institution in the world featuring a program of water treatments in the mountain streams, as well as a special diet.


The Journal of the American Medial Association reports of Dr. John H. Kellogg’s use of hydrotherapy on 40,000 patients for the treatment of gastrointestinal disease. He asserts that in all but 20 cases he used no surgery and that 90% of all disease results from the improper function of the colon.

1920-1950 colon irrigation machines were commonly seen and regularly used as a standard practice in hospitals and Doctor’s offices.

By the mid 1960’s colon irrigation and hydrotherapy was on the decline. Hospitals and doctors now favored using laxatives or colostomy surgeries.


There are grass root alternative medicine and health remedies that seek to regain the lost knowledge of the past in regard to colonics for overall health. By administering a natural colon cleansing treatment every few months you will be on your way to maintain and improve your overall health.

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