Find Effective Treatments For Your Warts!

Find Effective Treatments For Your Warts!

Warts are harmless, non-cancerous skin tumors that can occur singly or in groups on any part of the body. They grow as a result of a virus called papilloma which is very virulent.

Warts are harmless but it is always to wise to treat them as quickly as possible to avoid the likelihood of them spreading over the body or even worse, to other people. Warts can also continue to grow larger until they are treated. Medical professionals usually deal with the problem by destroying the cells of the wart. This can be done using a number of methods including extremes of temperature or with the use of laser beams.

This type of treatment however targets the symptoms and not the root cause of the wart. These treatments are also very harsh and so can leave scars. So particularly when warts exist on the face, it is better to treat them using natural remedies that do actually work. Genital warts are of course in a particularly sensitive area and need to be dealt with particular care. You can apply the contents of vitamin A capsules to genital warts as this is a very gentle remedy.

Cod liver oil capsules are a very good source of this type of oil and are very cheaply priced. Avoid taking these tablets via the mouth as intensive dosages can be poisonous. A paste can also be make using crushed vitamin C tablets and water. The citrus in the tablets helps to get rid of the virus in the skin.

As an alternative you can cut onions and soak them in vinegar overnight. Place the onion onto the wart in the morning and tape it in place. Leave it for at least 12 hours before removing and replacing with more of the pickled onion concoction. If you are troubled by these horrible growths then you are advised to take action now using one of these natural methods.