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What is a Healthy Heart Diet?

What is a Healthy Heart Diet?

People sometimes wonder if there is such thing as a healthy diet, especially when it comes to the term of healthy heart diet.

The misunderstanding mostly comes out of the common thought that a diet is starvation of a kind. On the other hand, a diet is nothing more but carefully designed way of healthy nutrition. Nutrition, with low cholesterol, saturated fats and excess sodium is healthy for the entire organism.

People decide to change nutrition habits, lose weight or simply take more care about the entire health status of the organism. At that point, numerous “healthy” diets and workout programs arise as options. Unfortunately, many of them are all, but healthy, especially for our heart.

In healthy heart diet, there are many clever and understandable facts.

Eating chocolate has finally proved healthy. Of course, the quantities matter. We cannot just eat 200 grams of chocolate and stay healthy. Chocolate is high in antioxidants as all the dark leaved plants are. But, certainly, not every chocolate is “healthy” chocolate. Consumption of dark chocolate, with 60% of cocoa and higher, is considered healthy.

Fish is known for a long time now to be a source of omega 3, one of the essential cures to everyone’s heart. The higher omega 3 level is, the more cholesterol will go down. Herring, sardines, salmon and many other fish are rich in omega. Consumption of fresh (uncooked) fish is the best way to consume omega 3, but even the canned fish had proven to be healthier than a hamburger.

Healthy heart diet may also include more consumption of fiber rich food. Apart from fiber, olive and canola oil will do miracles for your heart. No one is going to tell you to stop eating red meat. But, of course, fish and white meat should prevail. Your daily input of vitamin C rich food will only provide better production of collagen, which is essential to keep your arteries elastic.

Aerobics are great way to keep your heart pacing properly, where walking is most advisable. Try and use stairs wherever you need to use the elevator. Remember, stay away from the whites: flour, sugar, fat and salt. It is the prescription of our elderly. Live healthy and keep your body fit with balanced nutrition and proper and easy exercises.

Stay away from stress. You may live the healthiest of lives, but if you are subject to stress and take it too hard on you, your heart will constantly be exposed to enormous threat.