Your Body Stinks!

Your Body Stinks!

If your body “stinks” it most likely one of two things that is causing the smell. One, you haven’t bathed in a while or two, because there is a toxic overload in your body’s lymphatic system.

Signs and symptoms that there is a toxic overload in the body are: body odour and a white coated plaque buildup on the tongue. The lymph nodes are located by the armpits and inner thighs and anywhere you have sweat glands. Sweating is good because it helps drain the toxins out through water or “sweat.”

When someone doesn’t sweat at all, this is an indication that there is a blockage in the lymph node. Now I know that nobody wants to be the “stinky kid,” so I’m going to give you a great secret tip to avoid these issues from the inside. Most people are so concerned with not sweating at all but not seeing the damage of it, but that is another topic we will discuss in a later article.

The lymph nodes need to be cleaned and removed of toxins, not masked with sprays and creams that add more damage to the lymphatic system. The easiest way to drain the lymph nodes are through consuming dark leafy greens, and skin brushing. So what is that you are probably asking?

Skin brushing has been around for thousands of years to help drain the lymphatic system of toxins. It improves the body’s ability to eliminate toxins, send oxygen to tissues and reduce cellulite all on its own! It is stated that one good session of skin brushing is equivalent to 20 mins of exercise for circulating blood flow and fluid through the lymphatic system.

To perform a proper skin brushing session you will need a soft, natural vegetable fiber bristle brush. (Just ask the health store) Begin at your fingertips and work your way up the arms using short strokes. Then start at the feet and move up towards your inner thighs. Make sure to do one leg at a time and to get the soles of the feet as well. It is best to brush the rest of the body in strokes towards the armpits or inner thighs. It shouldn’t hurt, but it should make your skin pink or reddish to give a slight tingling feeling. Do this before a shower or bath and come out feeling fresh and have glowing, radiant skin, and a cleaner lymphatic system! To your “brush” of health,