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Major Functions of A Professional Sports Medicine Doctor

Sports injuries are common to physically active people, such as athletes. Some people also get injuries while exercising. If you’ve injuries or pain, it is important to see a sports medicine doctor for specialized care, diagnosis, and treatment.

Conditions Treated By Sports Medicine Doctor

Plantar Fasciitis

This condition is a common orthopedic issue that is characterized by inflammation of the foot sole. Athletes who suffer from this plantar fasciitis experience sharp pain when they walk after standing or sitting for a long time. The pain also occurs in the morning when the patient steps from bed.

Trochanteric Bursitis

This is the irritation of the hips. The patient feels pain around the hips, and in most cases, the problem may be accompanied by other medical issues such as arthritis.

Ankle Sprain

The condition is caused by injury to the ligaments surrounding the ankle. The common cause of ankle sprain is twisting the ankle rigorously, resulting in a tear or stretch of the ligaments. The condition is painful, and thus, it is important to see a sports medicine doctor as soon as possible.

Supraspinatus Tendinitis

Most athletes experience pain in the tendon around the shoulder joint. A supraspinatus tendinitis patient feels pain when lifting their arm upwards. 

Achilles Tendon Rapture

In most cases, the Achilles tendon ruptures or tears due to extreme pressure on the back of the leg. The tendon can also rapture from the impact of landing from a jump. The condition causes pain in the heel area, which makes it difficult for an athlete to walk.

What Does A Sports Medicine Doctor Do?


If you have had sports surgery or injury during sporting activities, a sports medicine professional would assist you in the recovery process. Their main duty is to prevent muscle stiffness and weakness through sports medicine therapy and rehabilitation services.

Preventive Care

As experts say, “prevention is better than cure,” it should be so. It is important to visit a sports medicine doctor to gain knowledge of how to prevent sports injuries. The doctor will also take a physical exam to determine if the sports activity is safe and advise you on good training strategies. Sports doctors also guide people on nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, and the right equipment for exercise.

Customized Program

A sports medicine doctor can create a personalized program for any athlete. For instance, some athletes may want to build muscles or lose weight. The sports physician will create a specialized program for every need. People who want to improve their sporting techniques and self-discipline can also get assistance from sports medicine doctors.

Orthopedic Surgery

Patients who suffer from a broken bone or a dislocated joint during sports need to visit an orthopedic surgeon. In most cases, the professional conduct surgery on the patient to repair torn tendons, ligaments, and rotator cuff injuries.

People who are active in physical activities are vulnerable to orthopedic injuries. Sports medicine has comprehensive coverage on injury prevention, rehabilitation, orthopedic surgery, and improving physical performance during sports or exercises. Ensure you visit a sports physician frequently to remain injury-free.