Foot Pads and Heavy Metal Detox

Foot Pads and Heavy Metal Detox

Many consumers are now aware of using detoxification foot patches to detoxify their body of heavy metal. This method of detoxification however, draws forth different reactions from different people. Some truly believes that it works while others associate it as outright scams.

There are those who is of the opinion that healthy and clean food is all that is required to keep our body from absorbing heavy metal poisoning. You will soon find that just eating healthily and regular exercise may not be sufficient to keep heavy metal toxic at bay.

The followings are ten good reasons why healthy eating and exercise alone is not sufficient to keep heavy metal toxin away:

1. More people has been reported to develop colitis due to chronic ingestion of laxatives that contains mercury.

2. The U.S. Department of Agriculture had detected at least some type of pesticide present in 62% of the sampled food in its testing.

3. Some studies show that breast milk of women residing in U.S contains modern toxic chemical pesticide.

4. Synthetic vitamins were found to cause the offspring of pigs to be sterile.

5. A common table salt called sodium chloride may be an ingredient that causes fatality, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest

6. It was discovered that common snacks such as french fries, potato chips and even crackers contained dangerous level of acrylamide, that is used in plastics manufacturing industry.

7. In just less than twenty minutes being in our body, aspartme transformed into methanol formaldehyde, a chemical used to embalm corpse.

8. Dust mites, mold and mildew that may be equated to four cigarettes is passed to crawling babies

9. Tap water that we consume contains more than 80 types of contaminants, which include chlorine, fluoride and other pesticides.

10. It was found that fluoride that is present in our toothpaste is more toxic than lead and almost as poisonous as arsenic.

Many of us are certainly shocked by the facts listed above. It is therefore good that many consumers are now finding ways on how to cleanse their internal bodily system. You can find more than one ways to detoxify. One easy method to find out how you may do so is to do internet search.

The application of detoxification foot pad as a way to detox is garnering a lot of debate. Certainly, merchandisers and manufacturers of the product will claim that it is effective. The believe that these products truly works had caused many concept store to boom in the whole of U.S. Some who have tried the product insisted that it works like charm, while others merely brush it aside as scams.