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Detox For Weight Loss and Longer Life

Detox For Weight Loss and Longer Life

We must have oxygen in order to live and yet this same essential to life creates oxidants which are known as free radicals. These are harmful by-products that in turn cause damage to cells and proteins.

In the last few years the medical profession has recognized the value of antioxidants as a way to combat the damage done by these free radicals. Some of the ways that these free radicals get into the body is through exposure to environmental pollution, sun and pesticides. Unhealthy foods, alcoholic beverages and high levels of stress either mental or physical also contribute to the damage.

This is why frequent inner body cleansing is so necessary. We all know that anti suggests some thing that is against. In the case of antioxidants the anti means that they work against the oxidants that cause harm to the body. Although most antioxidants work to reduce the damage done by free radicals some are superior to others.

It is common knowledge that oxidation causes cars and other objects to rust. But, the fact that allowing free oxidation to run rampant in our bodies can cause breakdown of cells and speed up ageing is not so widely known. They are also a cause of reducing the body’s ability to fight cancer, heart and eye problems.

These free oxidants can also do damage to the immune system, which in turn will lower the body’s ability to fight infections. They are also suspected to be a link in arthritis conditions.

Antioxidants are a prime source in the prevention of this damage caused by free radicals. Fortunately, some antioxidant enzymes are produced naturally by the body. Some of these such as catalase converts hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. Other body antioxidants are superoxide dismutase and glutathione.

While the body does the best it can in the everyday fight against free radicals, because of the way that we are bombarded by pollution, and other man made hazards to our health, it is desperately crying out for help.

This help can be provided by a diet that is generously packed with fruits and vegetables. The highest concentration of antioxidants is supplied by carrots, spinach, tomatoes, leafy green vegetables, red and orange peppers. These are most effective when eaten raw or steamed. Frying, boiling or microwaving can destroy some of the antioxidants. Recently the fruits from the rain forest seem to be especially potent when it comes to fighting free radicals. One in particular, the acai berry is being called a superfood.