Foods to Boost the Immune System!

Foods to Boost the Immune System!

– Cheeses: the outer layer in some types of cheeses helps in maintaining the integrity of the intestinal environment, but it also benefits the immune system. We cannot eat all the types of cheeses with their outermost layer, but we can eat the outer layer of some French cheeses such as Camembert and soft white cheese. Also, try to select cheeses that made of raw milk. It should be noted that for example, Roquefort cheese contains mold and vitamin B9 (folic acid), which strengthens the immune system.

– Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C: a grain of fruit gives about 40 milligram of this vitamin; note that the body needs up to 110 milligram day, therefore, it is sufficient to eat three grains of fruit a day, in addition to some types of raw vegetables, to get the full needed amount of Vitamin C per day.

– Eggs: the egg provides proteins with high biological value, it is true that it contains a high proportion of cholesterol, but that does not mean that we need to refrain from eating egg, as it contains all the elements necessary for the production of antibodies.

– The zinc rich sea fruits: This metal is essential to maintain the integrity of the immune defenses; the oyster has the highest proportion of zinc. It is very useful to eat oyster and other zinc rich sea fruits. Zinc is also found in bread and cheese, but in smaller quantities.

– Honey: it has some substances that provide anti-microbial effect, honey is also rich in poly phenols, a substance that protects the immune system, and it is recommended to eat a pure natural honey for breakfast to boost your immune system and keep your body healthy.