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Essential Vitamins For Muscle Build

Essential Vitamins For Muscle Build

Besides the right nutrition and proper workout, our body needs extra vitamin intake in order to build muscles and strength. The most important ones are C, E and the B complex.

Many of us are using some kind of a protein supplement. Those supplements contain lots of different vitamins and minerals. Nevertheless, the three main vitamins that will help you grow your muscles should be taken in addition to any other supplement.

Let us start with vitamin C, maybe one of the most essential vitamins for the human body. It is found mainly in fruits like oranges, tomatoes, lemons, peppers etch. Besides its numerous advantages vitamin C as an antioxidant can clean the organism from the free radicals which are responsible for many diseases. It also assists to the renewal and recovery of the cells after a hard workout something very important for those who are training. Keeping the testosterone levels high is another significant factor for training athletes. It is even more beneficial if combined with other antioxidant vitamins like the ones we are describing below. Vitamin C is not toxic and the optimal dosage is for people who work out frequently 1-2 grams per day. Should you face diarrhea issues just reduce the daily intake.

Vitamin E mainly found in green vegetables is the perfect antioxidant. It’s main function is to “patrol” the organism and eliminate free radicals. Although free radicals are naturally produced by the organism they do have a damaging effect in the cells. Vitamin E combined with vitamin C is the best “killer” of those free radicals. That way it strengthens the immune system. It’s also a fat-soluble vitamin meaning that it helps the organism burn fat while working out. As to the dosage, I would suggest taking 1-2 grams daily if you work out. There is no need to worry because no side effects have been mentioned from consuming large amounts of vitamin E.

The vitamin B complex is the last but not least important. It is subdivided to the B1, B6 and B12 vitamins. It is found in meat, dry fruit, fish etch. It’s main function is to assist muscle metabolism which in our case means muscle growth. It is also crucial for skeletal structure health, which is very important for people who train hard.

1 gram per day when on training routine is optimal.

Conclusively, any bodybuilder amateur or professional who is aiming for maximum muscle growth shouldn’t neglect in taking those three most essential vitamins.