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Natural Heart Remedies – Home Treatments For a Healthy Heart

Natural Heart Remedies – Home Treatments For a Healthy Heart

An average adult heart pumps approximately 3,600 gallons of blood in the body daily and beats for approximately 72 times per minute – this is an unbelievable amount of effort for a single body organ! Whenever you exercise or do any form of physical activity, this rate increases significantly in response to the body’s demand for an increased supply of oxygen. Considering the importance of the heart to our body, it’s imperative that we maintain a healthy and strong heart through natural heart remedies regardless of age.

Heart disease is one of the top killers today. The need for natural heart remedies has never been greater as people spend billions each year on the prevention and treatment for heart problems. If you have risk factors for developing heart disease, it’s high time that you start a healthy lifestyle. As with all ailments, prevention is way better than the cure. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will lessen the risks of developing heart ailments. Keeping your body weight in a healthy range by exercise and a good diet as well as good stress management is a great way to start.

Below are some natural home treatments for a healthy heart:

1.Cayenne – this is one of the best herbs for circulatory and heart problems. Also referred to as capsicum and its botanical name, capsicum frutescens. This wonder herb has been traditionally used for its digestive properties and antiseptic and stimulant actions. Cayenne helps stimulate the heart, strengthens the capillaries and arteries and regulates the blood flow. You may take it in tincture form if you want to enhance the blood flow in your body and clear your arteries. This herb has been long used for unbroken chilblains and poor blood circulation.

2.Garlic – eat plenty of these if you want a healthy heart, as it has been long used to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and prevent heart ailments. It also does wonders to reduce blood pressure and has been proven by research to reduce clotting in blood vessels and lower cholesterol levels in the blood, making it very valuable for those suffering from artery or coronary disease.

3.Hawthorn – has a well-deserved and well-established reputation as a heart tonic. Hawthorne is valued today for its normalizing and strengthening effect on the heart. Research shows that its berries are effective in lowering blood pressure by helping dilate hardened and clogged arteries.

These natural heart remedies are good heart helpers. Make the most out of them.