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Detoxification of Body and Mind – The Natural Way

Detoxification of Body and Mind – The Natural Way

What do you think of when the word toxin is mentioned? I would wager that a great majority of people would have a vision of poison in a labelled bottle. Of course, toxins are poisonous but we do not have the luxury of having them labelled when they are attacking our bodies. Everyday life exposes everybody to all sorts of pollution, resulting in minute and invisible microbes penetrating your body through the smallest of openings.

So what is the result when the body becomes overloaded with toxins and pollutants? For one thing,it is not as straightforward as getting sick. Not only is the body affected but the mind as well. Pollutants are known to hinder the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to all parts of the body. As you know, the brain is a major user of oxygen, so any blockage caused by the pollutants in your body inevitably leads to the mind becoming sluggish, as well as the body.

So what is the answer? Of course, the body provides a brilliant system of healing, but just like any machine, a little care and attention helps it function smoothly. This is where detoxification of body comes in, rejuvenating the mind as well as cleansing the body.

Obviously, the best method to detoxify the body is the natural way, through proper diet and healthy living. By reducing the intake of so called junk food, you dramatically reduce the products that obstruct the natural filtering system of your body. In effect, fats, alcohol, caffeine and food additives are replaced with easy to digest fruits and vegetables, not only rich in vitamins but supplement the body with energy boosting nutrients. Properly prepared, fibres in fruit and vegetables help eliminate harmful toxins and pollutants.

Many people use fasting as a means of speeding up the detoxification process, but this should never be undertaken without the supervision of your doctor or nutritionist, who can advise on proper control and options.

On the whole, detoxification of body and mind can be achieved with a common sense approach to diet, exercise and a generally healthy lifestyle. This does not mean that you cannot supplement this regime with natural ingredients that have been used for centuries to help maintain healthy body functions.