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Common Ingredients Used in Colon Cleanse Products Today – A Wise Consumer’s Guide

Common Ingredients Used in Colon Cleanse Products Today – A Wise Consumer’s Guide

In the field of natural remedies colon cleanse products are becoming some of the most popular today. These herbal products are made of active ingredients that are extracted from herbs hat have been known and used for a long time in the past. The Egyptians are known to have used them from as early as 3000 BC and the Greek between 1100 BC and 146 BC. This was as a result of their realization that toxins from the colon could end up back in the bloodstream and cause health related problems. The practice of cleansing the colon went down in the early 1900s when there were disputes about the fact that a clogged colon could lead to ill health.  But once again there is a rise because of evidence that really there is a great effect.

Types of ingredients

Basically there are three main ingredients that are known to be active and that have been used in all major detoxification products. The most utilized products are a combination of seeds extracted from pysllium plant with powdered Senna leaf and an extract that is made from the bark of the Cascara Sagrada plant. There are also other well known remedies that have been used in the past including drinking mixtures of lemon and lime juice with maple syrup and cayenne pepper.

How they function

Most colon cleanse products act as a stimulant or some of the time as a laxative that causes extra bowel movements within 6 to 10 hours after they are administered. It is easy to buy these products because they are in many health stores and the internet is also replete with companies that sell them online. All the manufacturers and marketers will claim their products are the best but wisdom demands that you do not trust all the hype of marketing but look out for the active ingredients.  


The main active ingredients including Senna, pysllium, Cascara Sagrada and other mixtures need to be taken according to the instructions of you practitioners. There are cases where they may not be taken freely especially by women when pregnant or breastfeeding because some are known to excreted together with breast milk. Care should also be taken that none of the products are harvested and taken raw because of considerations of dosage among other things. And when they are taken they should be taken with sufficient amounts of water to avoid risks of constipation, as it has been known to take place at times. 


It is always important to let your physician know when you want to take any major colon cleanse products. This is very important especially if you are pregnant, nursing or taking any other prescription medicine. A few of the side effects of detoxification medicines have been known to include diarrhea, dehydration and they can prevent many medications from being absorbed properly by your body. Also ensure you don’t take them for longer periods than are stipulated as they can cause other challenges if overused.