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Colon Cleanse – How to Identify If You Need a Colon Cleanse

Colon Cleanse – How to Identify If You Need a Colon Cleanse

We are exposed to thousands of toxins. Pollutants and toxins are everywhere. The air we breathe is full of toxins; the food we eat contains pesticides and many other preservative. Where do these toxins go? They are not digested by our body. They remain inside out body and cause various ailments. While we have little control over environmental toxins, we can definitely take care of what we eat.

Obesity or weight gain results from huge deposit to toxins in our body. We do not realize when parasites start multiplying themselves within our body. Normally we think of detoxification only when it starts causing some complications. Colon cleansing is a good way to start the detoxification process. As most of the toxins come from the food we eat, detoxification of colon is the least that we can do for good health.

Being overweight is the most visible sign of poor colon health. The more weight we gain the more difficult it becomes to get rid of toxins. It is therefore better to start detoxifying your body as soon as you notice the symptoms of poor colon health. Following are some symptoms of poor colon health.

o Irregular bowel movements or frequent constipation. If you do not have at least one bowel movement a day; you must go for colon cleansing

o Fatigue and lethargy for no reason. Do you feel that you do not have enough energy despite taking nutritious food? In simple terms, parasites are thriving on whatever you eat. The more nutritious food you eat, the more parasites develop.

o Headache and body ache. Do you suffer from body ache all the time without any specific reason? This is the time to go for complete colon detoxification.

o Bloating sensation and gas formation. If you suffer from flatulence and gas formation all the time; it is time for detoxifying you gastrointestinal tract.

o Weight gain for no apparent reason. There are times when you eat fat free diet and other weight loss products but you keep gaining weight. Once the process of toxin formations starts; it does not stop naturally unless you start taking some cleansing supplement. Obesity plagues more than half the population of the US just because of this reason.

Eating junk food and not taking proper care of your colon health aggravates the problem. When you go for a weight loss program; make sure that natural colon cleanse is a part of it. No weight loss system works for long unless you keep your colon free of toxins.