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Case For Whole Body Detoxification!

Case For Whole Body Detoxification!

There is a dilemma in many people’s heads: do whole body detoxification programs work or not. Are they legit or scam? This article will try to solve that dilemma.

Your body absorbs heavy metals, pesticides, pollution, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other toxins from the air, water and food. There is no doubt about this fact. The opponents of the detoxification claim that your body is able to get rid of these toxins through the liver, kidneys and other metabolic pathways.

On the other hand, the proponents of body detox say that your body has its limits and that it can eliminate the toxins only to a certain level. They say that if your liver function is compromised or the toxic burden is too big, these toxins are stored in your body. To keep itself safe from the toxins, your body needs outside help in the form of detoxification treatments.

People that are against body cleansing repeatedly say that there is no research to back up these claims. However, the question is why there are no such studies. The answer is very simple: pharmaceutical and insurance companies as well as hospitals are not interested in funding these research projects. Why?

Because they will not make money if studies show that body detox works! In other words, they do not want simple treatments that will keep you healthy. It is much more profitable for them to keep people ill.

Do you know of any company that is loaded with cash that wants to fund these studies? Probably not.

Look at what is put in your food today, look at what your body is exposed to. To think that there is no toxic build up in our bodies is just plain denial of the state of our reality.