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CE Ferulic Is the Ultimate Anti Aging Serum

CE Ferulic Is the Ultimate Anti Aging Serum


Let’s start with what we mean by photoaging and how it should be protected against. Any dermatologist worth their salt will recommend the application of sunscreen with SPF to protect against the sun’s rays. This, unfortunately, is only half the story. SPF protects against Ultra Violet ‘B’ rays, and these are not the only type of radiation visiting us from that source of heat and light.

The combination of Ultra Violet ‘A’ and Ultra Violet ‘B’ rays can lead to pre-mature aging effects on the skin, like loss of elasticity. Photo protection is a measure of the ability to protect against the oxidative stress of photoaging caused by this UVA and UVB combination.

How Does CE Ferulic Fit In?

CE Ferulic is made up of a number of different components that come together to help with the advancement, and more importantly, protection of healthier skin.

The ‘C’ is Vitamin C. Absorbic Acid has been proven to reduce wrinkles and dispatch free radicals in the skin that can lead to over-oxidation. It also helps with collagen production and repairing some of the damage that may already exist.

The ‘E’ is Vitamin E. Vitamin E has long been known to be beneficial for the skin. It moisturizes, protects against aging and adds extra protection from the sun’s rays. It can be helpful against skin disease and offers some aid in the prevention of skin cancer.

The Ferulic is Ferulic Acid. It is a naturally occurring organic compound that is reactive towards free radicals such as ‘reactive oxygen species’ (ROS) that are implicated in various types of cell damage, including cancer and aging. It also serves as a preservative when working with ‘C’ and ‘E’ in that those vitamins often break down when exposed to the sun. Ferulic Acid defends against the breaking down of the vitamins so that they can continue working miracles on your skin!

The combination of these elements into a skincare compound is nothing short of astounding!

Sounds Amazing!

It really is! Clinical research and testimonials prove out that the combination of these elements together can reduce wrinkles, increase collagen production and promote healthier skin! A few drops applied to a neck, face and chest, combined with a moisturizer is all that it takes! And unlike so many other skin care products, CE Ferulic can’t be washed off once it is absorbed into the skin.

CE Ferulic is starting a revolution in the skin-care and anti-aging marketplace. While not quite ‘The Fountain of Youth’, it can go a long, long way to making sure that you look great for many years to come.