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Natural Heart Remedies – Make Healthy Choices Now

Natural Heart Remedies – Make Healthy Choices Now

To ensure a longer life, we need to make healthy choices to have a healthy heart. There are natural heart remedies that will help you achieve this. Just how do we do that? You can start by maintaining a healthy and well balanced diet. The key to heart health is to have a regular diet filled with high fiber.

Here are natural heart remedies. Always remember that whatever you take in will affect your heart one way or another.

1.Fiber – is essential if you want to maintain a healthy heart. Fiber does wonders to decrease your bad cholesterol levels, decrease your risk of heart ailments, diabetes and other types of cancer. Generally your ideal intake of fiber is based on weight but ideally the recommended fiber intake is around 25g daily.

One great way for you to make sure that you are getting your daily dose of fiber is by eating a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and whole grains that have soluble and insoluble fiber. Our body needs essential soluble fiber as it helps flush out bad cholesterol from your bloodstream. It also prolongs stomach emptying time so that sugar can be absorbed by the body slowly. Furthermore, it promotes good body sugar regulation and lower cholesterol levels. It does wonders for digestion and regulates acidity in the intestines.

Good amounts of cholesterol in the body also help prevent constipation and aid the body in getting rid of toxic waste. Great sources of fiber include barley, oatmeal, peas and dried beans and excellent sources of insoluble fiber are whole grain bread, spouts and beets.

2.Carbohydrates – this is also essential to your body but you should exercise caution when eating as it tends to increase bad cholesterol levels. Pair your carbohydrates with the right kind of fats.

3.Vitamins and minerals – also play a key role in maintaining a healthy heart. I won’t recommend that you get your vitamins from supplements or tonics. Rather, you should obtain these from the foods that you eat. Great vitamin sources are raw and organic fruits and vegetables. You can derive minerals in small amounts though various sources in your diet.

Keep yourself healthy with these natural heart remedies. Take advantage of nature’s gifts for good health!