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Best Practices For Keeping Facial Skin Healthy

Best Practices For Keeping Facial Skin Healthy

Various elements in the environment constantly assault your facial skin. Chemicals, wind, cigarette smoke and temperature can all cause a great deal of damage to your skin. The end result is dry skin that does not have the elasticity it once had. It may even crack or start peeling which can cause the texture to become uneven and gritty.

More often than not, dry skin is caused by a lack of the natural moisturizers that exist in between the layers of the skin. There are several other things that can contribute to this. You should be careful not to wash your face too often. This zaps the moisturizers right out of the skin and leaves it feeling dry and irritated.

Make sure that when you do wash your face you use a natural soap and avoid the commercial soaps that contain harsh chemicals. Make sure that you protect your face when the weather is extremely dry, cold or hot. Be sure that your diet has plenty of the omega fats in it.

Nature has a lot of ways of helping with dry facial skin if you give it a chance. There are none of the harsh side effects that you find in the commercial products. Spirulina is very effective at helping the skin to metabolize better and making the tiny lines and creases disappear.

Dandelion can be used to detoxify the skin and clean the blood and other related systems. Rosemary and Horsetail are also very helpful in helping to promote better skin texture, elasticity and color. Silicea provides nourishment to the skin cells and supports the skin from the inside out. It plays a vital role in keeping the fluids balanced in the skin tissue.

If your face is dry then you should be sure to use a natural moisturizer at least least 2 times a day. If you take morning baths then apply the moisturizer before your make-up. If you take evening baths then make sure you use a moisturizer that is more rich.

If you use a skin tonic then make sure the fragrance is not artificial. These type of tonics can irritate your skin and make it worse. The moisturizer you use at night should have mineral oil in it. This will help your skin to keep the moisture locked in.

When you scrub your face use a rough washcloth rather than a scrub. Use it gently and apply moisturizer right after you are finished. Be sure to use warm water instead of hot.