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It’s Too Hot To Handle But Worth It

It’s Too Hot To Handle But Worth It

Do you remember the first time you heard the word sauna? Do you remember the first time you were in a sauna? Do you remember how crazy you thought you were as you entered and how fabulous you felt when you left?

Why Sauna

Whenever you discuss this method of torture you usually get as many reasons for indulging as the number of people you talk with. Some will tell you that there is nothing that will make you cleaner than a great sweating session there.

Others will tell you that your general health is improved by being totally uncomfortable and feeling close to fainting as you sit and sweat.

There are even those who claim to lose weight with this method of self flagellation. What these don’t’ tell you is that they weigh the minute they finish before heading off for a lager or several.

One friend of mine went on quite a rampage (verbally) about how the heart is only a muscle and needs exercise to stay fit. So if in the sauna your heart rate fluctuates from almost bursting point to total rest and relaxation it can only be good for it. Whether or not there is any truth in this is conjecture on my part, but when I feel my heart change tempo in the heat I do get out and have a cold shower before returning to exercise it some more.


One thing I can convey is that during and certainly afterwards the muscles do feel like they let go and relax. In general it seems to me that during the session little by little strain and stress begin to reduce. Everything seems to just go blah and let go. Sometimes I have to be careful not to go to sleep which could likely be fatal.

Mind you, it is not conducive to jumping out of the sauna and rushing off to do a heap of work. I find that I waddle slowly and head toward a comfortable chair or couch with some liquid refreshment for serious contemplation which can last for quite a while.

It is indeed difficult to worry about one’s problems or concerns or think about work or plan what one should do when in reality the only thing that is on your mind is survival. When you give in to the wonderful heat and the result it has on your body, mind and spirit it is a wonderful experience. However, always in the back (or front) of your mind is the desire to live through it with only perspiring and not expiring.


There is so much that can be said about the benefits and pleasure of a sauna session. It would be extreme folly for me to try to be either all knowing or complete with this topic.

So I merely say, let’s sweat our way to paradise. See you there!