An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

I always wonder if Adam ate the apple just because it was so very healthy. That it led to us being sent from the heavens is another story altogether.

We have apples whole, sliced, juiced or in soothing shakes. Love them in salads, pies, jams and fruit cocktails. We even preserve them in jams. All this, without realizing the immense and innumerable benefits that this delicious fruit has to offer. Shared below are some of the reasons that make apples to the doctor, what kryptonite is to superman!

Readily available in most parts of the world, apples are not just tasty, they are loaded with anti-oxidants. This means that they prevent the disease we all are really scared of, that is Cancer. The anti-oxidants present in apples have been found to prevent lung, colon and prostate cancer.

Because of the high mineral and vitamin content in them, apples help in the formation of new Red Blood Cells or simply that of Blood. High Iron, Vitamin B complex and Vitamin C content of apples has led Count Dracula over the years to stress the importance of apples in our diet.

Apples also strive to put the Cardiologists and Heart Surgeons out of business. They are rich in phenols which reduce body cholesterol. This prevents cholesterol deposition in the arteries and ensures great health.

Their high Vitamin C content helps make gums stronger. Back in the medieval times, the ship-crews that consumed lemons and apples in their diet never complained of bleeding gums and a scary disease called Scurvy. Pirates fond of apples reported with cleaner teeth. Thus the protective and hygienic value of apples.

For people with digestive problems having an apple before meals helps lessen the problem. The high fibre content serves directly to prevent constipation and also strengthens digestion by providing roughage.

People suffering from diseases such as Gout and Rheumatisms are advised to include apples in their diet.

When we talk about the dietary value of an apple we find out that a medium sized apple weighing 200 g equals just 100 calories of energy as most of its mass is made up of high water and fibre content. This means a lot of hunger is satisfied without over-clocking the calorie meter. Thus apples are really effective for people trying to lose a few pounds, fit into their favourite jeans or just brag about being size zero.

New and fancy researches have shown that an apple may just be better than a cup of coffee in keeping a person awake. This can eventually see Nescaf?� run out of business and Nes-pomme (Pomme, French for Apple) gracing our breakfast tables every morning. People on caffeine free diets are sure to be interested.

Although apple juice looks just like an intoxicating foreign drink, it is even healthier than the poor old apples it is made from. Drinking apple juice daily has been reported to have an anti-viral effect on the body.

Traditionally anti-racist apples come in a variety of skins, red, green, yellow and many of their shades. As appetizing as it may look the skin must always be avoided. Because farmers and cultivators in Pakistan tend to overuse insecticides and pesticides, apple skin ends up doing more harm than good. Strong advice is to peel your apples before having them.

Now although apples don’t grant you three wishes, provide you with free iPods or help Snow White against the Evil Witch, yet the above mentioned benefits do make this gift of Allah priceless. People who have apples as regular fixtures in their diet surely give their body a true treat every time they bite into one.

“To eat an apple before going to bed, will make the doctor beg his bread.”

I am sorry doctors, I truly am. Happy health everyone!