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Heart Diet – Simple And Smart Facts About a Heart Diet

Heart Diet – Simple And Smart Facts About a Heart Diet

Nowadays people are always mentioning the word “heart diet”. So, what is actually a heart diet? The rise of the heart disease has been a worry to many nations. People have been advise through different kinds of media to practice a healthy heart diet to prevent heart disease.

So, is there such things as healthy heart diet? Many people always misunderstood and have a thought that a diet means like a kind of starvation. It is absolutely not right. A diet is actually a carefully designed way of healthy nutrition. Nutrition which is low in cholesterol, saturated fats and excess sodium is healthy for the entire organism.

Due to the rise of heart disease, people are now more cautious with what they eat. Many of them have decided to change their nutrition habits, lose weight or simply pay more attention towards their entire health status. Because of this, there are plenty of heart diet plan and workout programs arise as an options. It is believe that all these plan and program are here to help us build a healthy heart.

There are actually a few simple and smart facts that you need to know when practicing a healthy heart diet. Below is some of the important facts that will help you have a healthy heart..

It is often said that chocolate is bad for health. That is totally wrong. Research have found out that chocolate is high in antioxidants. It has finally proved that eating chocolate is healthy. But of course, the quantities really matter here. If you eat too much, it will turn you bad. Bear in mind that not every chocolate is healthy for you. Eating dark chocolate, with contain 60% of cocoa and higher, is considered healthy.

Omega 3 is one of the most important nutrient for our heart. Fish is known to be a source which is rich of omega 3, which is essential for everyone’s who is practicing a healthy heart diet. Your cholesterol level will go down if the omega 3 level is high. Salmon, sardines, herring, and other fish are rich in omega. Eating fresh (uncooked) fish is one of the best way to consume omega 3. Research even says that even a canned fish had been proven to be healthier than a hamburger.

In your heart diet, it is also important for you to eat more food of high fiber. Besides than fiber, canola and olive oil will create miracles for your heart. No one is stopping you from eating red meat. But, you should always prevail fish and white meat. You should also never miss out foods which is high in vitamin C. This vitamin is very important to help in the produce of collagen, which is essential to keep your arteries elastic.

Exercising is also important to maintain our entire health. Aerobics are one of the great way that can keep your heart beating properly and smoothly. You are advise to do more walking everyday. If it is possible, try to use stairs instead of elevator. Always keep in mind that you have to stay away from the whites which is sugar, flour, salt, and fats It is the heart diet secret of our elderly to stay healthy. Live a healthy lifestyle and keep your body fit with balanced nutrition and frequent exercise.

So, these are just a few simple and smart facts which is very useful that you can add on to your heart diet plan. By paying more attention to these simple facts will lead you far away from contracting with heart disease.