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6 Yoga Tips for Beginners

For focusing on the mind and connecting with the body, yoga is an excellent option. With numerous poses, approaches and teachings, there is a lot to learn.

If you are brand new to the discipline of yoga and you have been watching a seasoned instructor such as Gale Tobin, you may be nervous to try it out yourself at first. However, there is no need to worry. The most important thing is to start. These six tips can help you.

1. Wear Comfortable Clothes

To move freely on your mat, be sure to wear comfortable clothes. Because tight clothing can restrict movement and cause discomfort, it is best to wear clothes that are loose-fitting. Typically, people do not wear shoes while practicing yoga.

2. Begin Where You Are

Even if it can be intimidating to start practicing yoga, everyone begins somewhere. Remember that everyone has different abilities, and there is nothing wrong with starting exactly where you are. For yogis, being in the moment is one of the greatest benefits of practicing the discipline.

3. Avoid Comparisons

Just as it is totally okay to begin where you are, it is also a good idea to avoid comparisons as you do. The reason for this is that you can cause yourself unnecessary stress and anxiety when you compare. Your body is yours alone, and there is no need to be like anyone else.

4. Move Slow

Sometimes, it can be tempting for yoga starters to want to jump into the most advanced poses as quickly as possible. However, that is the opposite of yoga’s purpose. With yoga, the point is to slow down and connect with the body and breath. As you move, move slow.

5. Find a Quality Teacher

Another good tip if you are just starting out in your yoga practice is to find a quality teacher. Today, there are many instructors that teach versions of yoga, but not all of them have the same background and experience with the true teachings. For example, some places only focus on the physical aspects of yoga, but that is only part of the equation.

6. Remember To Breathe

When doing any yoga poses, make sure you also remember to breathe. Sometimes, it can be easy to lose track of how you are breathing while trying to get into the correct positioning, but this is where the value of taking your time really helps.

While there is a lot to learn in yoga, it does not need to be difficult. Use these tips to help you begin.