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Detox Therapies

Detox Therapies

Detox Therapies are used as techniques of healing after the diagnosis. The first thing that a person must do is to get rid of all those toxic substances in his or her body. The lifestyle of a person is the number one cause and reason why he or she has toxins in his or her body. Actually, there are several types of detox therapy that can be done in the body.

o First is fasting. Fasting is the simplest and easiest way to detoxify your body, and also, it is not expensive and while you are doing this, always take note that you still need to visit your doctor or any health professionals who are qualified, remember that this is only done in a few days. With this detox therapy, you are allowed to drink water so that you will not suffer dehydration. The main goal in doing this kind of technique is to let your body get rid of all the present toxins as well as helping yourself to become healthy.

o Second is Diet — proper diet should always take place, first and foremost, eating the right kind of food and taking in food that are rich in fiber will help in eliminating toxins from the body. Fruits and vegetables are good sources of fiber, eating lots of fruits and vegetables will help you clean your body. Detox diet is mostly based on organic foods not with those foods that have preservatives, and also, drinking lots of water is a good idea too.

o Third is the Vitamin Therapy — antioxidant usage is very much recommended, most especially if we are living in a unhealthy kind of environment. Some would also say that vitamin C and Vitamin E are antioxidants that are able to neutralize radicals (Toxins). Radicals can actually damage cells. So as much as possible, this should be taken away from the body.

o Fourth is the Colon Therapy — this therapy cleanses the large intestine with water that is purified, cleansing agents and herbs, and this kind of therapy is combined with fasting therapy to be able to help in flushing out the toxins out of the body. And this kind of therapy is done by a well trained therapist; he or she introduces 5 to 25 gallons of water from a tube directly to the patients’ rectum. This is to remove the toxins (stool) that are still in the intestine, this can also be dangerous if the procedure is not well-performed.

o Fifth is the Chelation Therapy — this kind of therapy involves chemical agent. And this chemical agent should be recognized to protect effectively from heavy metal poisoning. There are also natural chelating agents that are used by doctors such as vitamin c, garlic and cysteine (amino acid). It is also said that oral chelation is convenient and also, it is to slower than intravenous method. This kind of therapy is also used for the hardening of the arteries.