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Whole Body Detoxification – Can You Really Change Your Life?

Whole Body Detoxification – Can You Really Change Your Life?

In today’s society of conventional medicine we often look to our doctors as the final decision in determining our state of health. They run the usual battery of tests and very often decide on the best medication to mask the symptoms of our ailment. I know from my experience that it is usually a get them in and get them out mentality. They very rarely sit you down and ask about your lifestyle and diet to try and figure out the potential cause of your current condition. They seem all to quick to pull out their prescription pads and prescribe the next best pharmaceutical to deal with your condition.

I have personal experience with the benefits of alternative, natural and organic medical practices. Fasting is the primary and most important aspect of any effective alternative treatment. Many alternative treatments will have limited success without a fasting system to properly cleanse and restore the bodies ability to absorb and utilize the prescribed protocols.

Many times we visit our doctors at the first sign of sickness and demand antibiotics to remedy our current condition. The doctor readily hands you your prescription for an antibiotic to help speed your recovery. They rarely inform you of the downside of taking antibiotics. There are many viral and other health related issues that taking antibiotic’s will have no effect upon.

The problem with antibiotics is that they not only kill the bad bacteria in our system, if in fact your illness is bacteria related, they also kill off the beneficial bacteria in our system needed to regulate the effectiveness of our digestive tract. It is crucial to understand that the more antibiotic medication we are prescribed the more our bodies become resistant to them. Scientist’s are constantly working on new antibiotic strains as we become more and more immune to their efficacy.

When was the last time your doctor told you that these antibiotics will kill the good bacteria in your digestive tract and that after you finish your prescription you need to start taking a good probiotic, a live culture is best, to repopulate the beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract. With all the pollutants and chemicals we ingest from our modern day lives keeping our digestive tract healthy is the key to long term health and vitality.

The most beneficial way to actually achieve whole body detoxification is by fasting. The effectiveness of fasting dates back thousands of years and only by a complete shutdown of the digestive processes can we effectively cleanse and restore the channels of overall health.

We have been eating chemically modified foods and breathing polluted air since we were children, imagine the effects on our internal organs. A detoxification program that involves no food will give your organs and digestive tract the necessary time to purge the system of unwanted waste. A fasting program is essential, if the organs are constantly busy digesting foods it is impossible to fully reclaim the bodies inherent ability to heal itself.

Whole body detoxification is the real deal. Anytime you begin a fast it is crucial to follow the appropriate steps necessary to gain the full benefits. Ease into and out of it slowly with light easily digested foods and juices to prepare your body safely on your journey. Please before you start any detoxification program to study the proper procedures necessary to safely enter into and out of your cleanse. There is additional information that is very important to follow. You will truly be amazed by the transformation you experience. To great health!