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5 Day Body Detox Plan – The Three Most Important Things You Should Be Aware Of

5 Day Body Detox Plan – The Three Most Important Things You Should Be Aware Of

Have you decided to detoxify yourself by following the 5 day body detox plan? If so, let me congratulate you first. You have made a very good decision. Thanks to the unbelievably polluted environment we live in and the unhealthy food that we eat, our body has become full of toxins that need to be flushed out every now and then. Regular detoxification is the best way to do it.

When it comes to the 5 day body detox plan, there are three important things you should be aware of – diet, exercise, and water.

1. Diet – Eating the right kind of food is what detoxification is all about. You should eat plenty of raw, organic food. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish, brown bread, and fresh yogurt are something you need to eat every day during this 5 day body detox plan. Do not eat any packed fast food. Do not eat anything with added preservatives, fats, or sugar. By eating this kind of diet, you are bound to feel hungry at times. To avoid this, drink some unsweetened fruit juice or unsweetened herbal tea between the meals.

2. Exercise – A little bit of physical exercise during these five days can make a lot of difference to this detox plan. Since you might feel a little weak in the first few days, you need not do any strenuous exercise. Just a brisk walk for about half an hour will do.

3. Water – This is easily the most important part of the 5 day body detox plan. You need to drink plenty of water to flush the toxins out of your system. So, make sure you drink at least five liters of water every day. Always carry a water bottle when you go out and keep yourself hydrated all the time.

Now, one thing I should tell you about this 5 day body detox plan is that you should be very careful about the kind of food you eat and the water you drink during these five days. You should try to eat organic food and drink clean water to get the best results. If you eat what you eat every day, you will end up adding a lot of toxins to your body instead of getting rid of them. Similarly, if you drink tap water, you will end up adding a load of unwanted, harmful substances to your body. To avoid this, you should do two things.

1. Eat only organic food. Look for the USDA label to make sure it is 100% organic.

2. Get a good water filter and drink only clean water.

My suggestion to you would be to get a multi stage active carbon filter, which I think is the best water filter available on the market today. It can get rid of all the unwanted substances present in tap water including cysts, heavy metals, drugs, synthetic chemicals, chlorine, and harmful viruses and bacteria. This way, you get to drink pure water which can help flush the toxins out of your system effectively.

There you have it friends. 5 day body detox plan is a very good way to remove the toxins from your body. If done properly, it can make you feel healthier, younger, and lighter.