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Want to Have a Healthy Heart? Drink Tea and Coffee Every Day

Want to Have a Healthy Heart? Drink Tea and Coffee Every Day

By consuming a few cups of tea and coffee a day can significantly reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

This conclusion was made by Dutch researchers, who published the results of the 13-year study of 40 thousand people. According to experts, people who drink more than six cups of tea a day reduce the risk of heart disease by one third. Similar results will be from two to four cups of coffee: the risk of disease is reduced by 20%. It is ironic but true: decaffeinated coffee was less useful. Cardiologists from the Fuqua Heart Center (USA) found that people who regularly drink decaffeinated coffee, 18% increased level of free lipids in the blood. These are then transformed into “bad” cholesterol.

However scientists point out that in the case of the use of much larger amount of coffee therapeutic effect disappears. They found that coffee contains compounds that can both reduce and increase the risk to health. Coffee is extremely complex in their chemical composition and by definition cannot be uniquely harmful or helpful to different people.

Also, do not forget that the most important thing to maintain a good work of the heart is a healthy lifestyle. For example, coffee in combination with a cigarette contributing to a sharp narrowing of the vessels, with alcohol – increased load on the heart, and coffee consumption to a computer monitor doubles the excitement factor of the nervous system.

As for the tea, the most useful compounds contained in it – it is antioxidant and polyphenolic. Proportion of phenols in the tea ranges from 14 to 26%.

Phenol compounds have a wide spectrum of pharmacological activities (antimicrobial and stimulating, P-vitamin, hypertensive, anti-cancer). True, many phenol compounds, which are present in green tea, the manufacture of tea is largely lost. The most active phenol compounds rich in white and green teas.

In addition, tea polyphenoles are highly active antioxidants that are easily and quickly form a safe and stable chemical compounds with different proteins, metals, alkaloids, acids and noxious substances introduced into the body. Then these related substances excreted. That is what makes tea (especially green), a unique antidote.

Polyphenoles are readily soluble only in hot water. That is why tea is brewed with boiling water. After welding cooling down, it is often cloudy. If this does not happen, then the content of polyphenoles in the raw material is not enough. When clouded brew warmed slightly on fire, it will again become transparent.