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The Role of Vitamins Against the Flu – Ascorbic Acid for Common Cold Prevention

The Role of Vitamins Against the Flu – Ascorbic Acid for Common Cold Prevention

What is the role of vitamin C or ascorbic acid in the prevention of flu? This piece of information will enlighten you on the importance of this nutrient to protect yourself against catching a cold.

Our parents have strongly recommended taking vitamin C since we are young. But the first thing that you need to understand about vitamin C is that you just simply need to take a little vitamin C to help fight against flu and colds. In fact, when you have colds, you can just have 50 milligrams of ascorbic acid everyday and you will heal from the infection as much as 2 days faster than when you do not take any source of vitamin C at all.

Too much vitamin C may not be very effective at all. You should know that more than 2,000 milligrams daily does not actually do more good than taking 50 milligrams of the vitamin against influenza. Too much of the nutrient may also put pressure to your liver. With too much vitamin C, the liver can be overstressed that it cannot do other functions such as the detoxification of calcium channel blockers for high blood pressure. Excessive vitamin C can also affect cyclosporine, an agent for preventing transplant rejection.

When taking vitamin C, get rid of refined sugars and carbohydrates in your diet. Refined sugars can increase acidity in the system. This, in return, increases respiration. When respiration is increased, the influenza virus can further penetrate deep into the immune system. Hence, you need to eliminate refined sugars and carbohydrates when you want to prevent common colds. These are the things that you need to understand when you take vitamin C. Prevent flu today and stay healthy always.