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The Detoxification Of The Mind!

The Detoxification Of The Mind!

If you are like me, the word “detoxification” conjures up thoughts of removing poisons from the body such as toxins, chemicals, additives, the stuff inside our bodies that cause addictions. Cleansing our bodies is important to say the least. There are obvious things we can do to remove foreign substances from our bodies. Then there are things like for example, supplements that can rejuvenate the healing properties of our bodies.

What about our minds? Our physical brains? The place where we store our thoughts and beliefs. The place where we spend so much of our time extrapolating information placed there by everything and everyone we come into contact with. The place where so much erroneous information is contained!

In the big picture, the physical brain is like a computers hard disc. Like a computer, you can place any information you want and store it on your hard disc. It does not mean it is accurate. The computer reveals to us on its monitor whatever it is we have stored away. If the information is inaccurate, it does not matter.

We get back what we feed into it!

The same thing applies to each of us. If we believe the information is true or just do not know, we will adhere to a belief system that makes the most sense to us. This does not imply it is the correct information.

This is why detoxification of the mind is so important. In most people, like me for example, we are given certain thoughts and beliefs as we were being raised. Often, these beliefs are not accurate and tend to cause us problems later in life or even worse…throughout our whole lives.

Case in point. This might sound stupid to you but it is a good example. This also probably reveals my age a bit.

I used to get severe ear aches while growing up. My dad had this belief (don’t know where it came from but I had heard of others doing this) that blowing cigarette smoke in an ear would fix the problem. All I got from this was an ear full of smoke and increased pain. Dumb I know but that is how that generation believed. Sure never helped me! There are (and to this day) all kinds of erroneous beliefs given to us from generation to generation.

The point I want to make is this. Thoughts are energy! Whatever you think about typically becomes your reality.

You can test this out by having a short five minute conversation with anyone you decide to. If you focus on what they say, you can determine what kind of person they are. If you are aware of how they live and their background, you will know why they are the way they are!

Something to think about. Detoxification of the mind is just as important as the detoxification of your physical body.