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Simple Ways To Detox Your Body

Simple Ways To Detox Your Body

We are living in an age when agriculture is dominated by chemicals – pesticides to prevent harm to crops and fertilizers to increase yield. Though there has been a push to grow organic fruits and vegetables, majority of the crop comes stained with ingredients that can harm your body. Toxins also enter your body through the various concoctions you use in the name of cosmetics. Drug dependent people are in any case a depository of toxic materials.

Hence, a new breed of spas and wellness centers have come up which provide detoxification. The ways are many and varied but the end result is the same – to rid your body of harmful toxins. With a combination of Yoga, diet control involving juices and raw veggies and fruits all grown organically and massages, these centers seek to flush out the harmful toxins from your body. The cure does not come cheap and fancy pricing is the rule.

Indian alternative medicine stream Ayurveda has detoxification on its menu since ages. Old Indian scriptures also prescribed fasting and liquid diets on some days. They were nothing but precursors of current day detoxification schemes. Mahatma Gandhi used fasting as a weapon against the British Empire but he also unwittingly introduced Indians to detoxification. Common people still keep fasts on certain days out of religious convictions.

Kerala, in the south of India, with its natural beauty enhanced by virgin beaches and serpentine rivers, and its age-old custom of Ayurvedic healing is at the forefront of the boom in detoxification centers. But they are coming up in other parts of India too. The popularity can be gauged by the fact that each one of them has a waiting list. There are no walk-in admissions. Some even need references from prospective customers.

With price tags running from USD 300 to 700 per person per night, these centers are out of reach for most Indians. So what is the remedy for them? It is difficult to avoid toxins as organic food is very costly and not available everywhere. Grocery needs within the budget have to be procured from the local market and their antecedents cannot be vouched for.

Hence, it is imperative for the common man to make lifestyle adjustments. Take time out for morning or evening walks. Exercise or practice Yoga for a half hour everyday. Eat less than your hunger. Replace flour with whole wheat preparations. Eat lots of salads. Keep a fast one day of the week – even if you are not religiously inclined. On another day, try to survive on liquid diet. Avoid eating out and junk food. Feel the difference within a month.