Rooibos Tea – Detoxification for the New Year

Rooibos Tea – Detoxification for the New Year

When people hear the word tea, they would easily associate it with promoting regular bowel movement and battling against free radicals with its antioxidant properties. Well, both these health advantages are highly true. So, how does it perform its magic to achieve such benefits? Let us find out how such a viable option of detoxification for the New Year works.

Drinking any kind of tea has the advantage of promoting regular bowel movement in individuals. Most types, especially the ones in tea-bags, contain a rich amount of the nutrient fiber. Fiber acts to facilitate formation of bulk in stool. In effect, a person would have an easier time moving his bowel on a regular/daily basis. Talk about detoxification.

With regard to fighting against the harmful effects of free radicals, tea gets it from its active, natural ingredients such as flavonoids and polyphenols. First off, what are free radicals?

Free radicals or FRs are highly unstable atoms or molecules products by different processes such as when performing intensive exercises or smoking a tobacco. FRs bring about its detrimental effects by freely circulating in an individual’s body and damaging the cells that it adjacently passes. Free radicals could cause health conditions such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. FRs is also a main factor in the process of premature aging.

What are great types of tea that can aid people to combat such health dilemmas?

Some of the best kinds of tea are roobois, chamomile, dandelion, nettle and milk thistle tea.

Roobois Tea

One has perhaps heard of green tea and its wonderful health benefits. Well, how about knowing more about an even more potent tea that could succeed it nutrient- and antioxidant-wise? Here are some facts on the great roobois tea.

Pronounced ‘roy-boss’, roobois tea comes from the nation of South Africa. Like the popular black tea, it has existed for centuries. This tea is full of nutrients such as zinc, calcium, iron copper and manganese to name a few.

Chamomile Tea

This tea is recognized for its pleasant taste and its calming aroma. Then again, chamomile tea has other terrific benefits besides pleasing one’s palette and olfactory sense.

Chamomile tea is essentially a mild sedative which could be utilized for remedying spasms and muscle cramps. It can also be used to treat irritable bowel syndrome and stomach cramps.

Teas for Liver Health

As a person’s liver is very important in biologically detoxifying the body, consuming teas that could improve this organ’s health is recommended as well. Examples of such teas are: dandelion, which cleanses and strengthens; nettle, which is rich in various minerals; and milk thistle, great for cleansing and repairing liver cells.

Believe me. Once you try this assortment of teas, you will perceive the claimed health benefits immediately.