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Keeping Your Heart Healthy – The Role Of Exercise

Keeping Your Heart Healthy – The Role Of Exercise

There are several ways to keep your heart healthy. Diet, Exercising and Medication are a few commonly used methods. Exercising is probably the easiest to follow and the most effective. When you exercise, naturally the heart beat will increase. It has been found that the sequence of short bursts of rapid heart rate followed by a few minutes of rest is a good training for accustoming your heart to work at a rapid pace if necessary. This is one immediate advantage of exercise. Needless to say that if you have any heart problem, you should consult a physician before taking up any exercise program. But if your heart.

A second way by which an exercise program will help in keeping your heart healthy will be through controlling your weight. Any normal exercise done on a regular basis will, over a period, result in weight reduction due to dissolution of excessive fat in your body. Moreover, if you follow a weight training program, it will maintain and build muscle mass. Having more muscles results in more calories burnt. Burning of more calories will contribute to making your heart healthy.

A question may arise as to what type of exercise program will be most suitable to keep your heart healthy. First of all, following some kind of an exercise or weight training routine is better than not doing any exercise. If you are confused about choosing the most appropriate exercise, the best thing will be to choose an exercise which you enjoy doing. As long as you make exercising a fun activity, you will be motivated to continue with it for the sheer enjoyment you get out of it. However, you have to consider a few important factors before choosing an exercise.

Your age is an important factor. If you are young, you have practically no limitations. You can do any type of exercise you like doing. If you are in your thirties or forties, you have to follow a gradual process. You should start with something light and easy. You can then progressively make it more rigorous. This is to ensure that you do not give room for any injuries or muscular injuries may you from continuing with your exercise program. If you are in your fifties and sixties, you will have to even more cautious. Make it a point to consult a physician before starting on any exercise program, even if you are in perfect health.