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New Chapter Maintaining a Healthy Heart

New Chapter Maintaining a Healthy Heart

The statistics are definitely alarming. Nearly one out of every three adults in the United States have high blood pressure and when uncontrolled often leads to heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, or heart failure. Eighty million Americans have one or more types of heart or cardiovascular disease, out of which over half of those are under the age of sixty. New Chapter believes the preventative power found in probiotic nourishment, whole food, and healing powers of nature improve heart health and maintain it for life.

Thirty five percent of U.S. deaths are due to Cardiovascular Disease

Of all reported deaths in this country, heart disease accounts for thirty five percent. Approximately 770,000 heart attacks occurred in America in 2008, and about 430,000 had a second (or recurrent) attack. Significant evidence proves nutrition and diet are linked to heart health.

Maintaining a good nutritious diet will improve cardiovascular function through intelligently blended and sufficiently concentrated whole food ingredients that are natural and not filled with synthetic ingredients. They help by maintaining balance in blood pressure and blood sugar, reducing cholesterol, improving immune functions, increasing antioxidant activity, and improving respiratory function.

Keeping your heart healthy is vital

Maintaining a strong cardiovascular system and keep your heart healthy are necessary for a healthy body. While our diet along with exercise are among the most important factors involve, scientists as well as doctors agree that a preventative health program is far preferable to dealing with heart disease after it occurs. This is where nature come in and provides us with a wide array of herbs along with healthy foods capable of giving us effective heart support if we just learn which offer the best options in a healthy diet. New Chapter Vitamins, minerals, and supplements contain natural blends of each of the important ingredients we need to maintain our health and keep our cardiovascular system functioning properly.

Steps to take in keeping our cardiovascular system in top form

One of the most serious ailments our body is presented with is high blood pressure. We must maintain normal levels of blood pressure in order to avoid having a stroke or heart attack. Additionally, blood sugar must be kept under control and there are remedies for both found in New Chapter nutritional products.