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How to Detox the Body and Cleanse Your System to Get Rid of Toxins?

How to Detox the Body and Cleanse Your System to Get Rid of Toxins?

Since your body is constantly subjected to numerous toxins and exposed to free radicals, you need to learn how to detox the body and cleanse your system to flush out all the accumulated toxins. After your body goes through a detoxification program, you can get relief from problems like indigestion, gas, gastritis, acidity, acid reflux, constipation, flatulence, colon problems etc.

Not only can you improve many health conditions, you will also possess a flawless glowing skin and your hair will become free of dandruff. Eruptions and acne and pimples will vanish. You will lose weight, your beer belly won’t bulge out in a nasty manner, you will be filled with boundless energy and your health and appetite will also improve. So let’s look at how to detox the body in natural ways.

How to detox the body?

There are many ways in which you can detoxify your body. Ancient Indian medical practice called Ayurveda recommended people to observe fasts at times. When the body goes without food and survives only on fruit juice and fruits and veggies for a day, it does a whole lot of a good to your body. In fact, the Hindu religion recommends ritual fasts at times expressly for this purpose because it purifies the system and detoxifies the body which was mandatory before a religious ceremony.

Fasting is one of the ways of detoxifying your body. If you feel one day that your tummy is feeling very heavy and you don’t have an appetite, just skip your meals that day and the next morning you will feel as fresh as a daisy. While on a fasting detox diet, you can consume pure water, fresh fruit juices prepared at home, and fresh seasonal fruits.

One of the most popular detox drinks can be prepared with lemon or lime, cayenne pepper, spring water and maple syrup. Another extremely effective detox drink is cranberry juice. You can also try out detoxifying your body through acai berry juice or bitter gourd juice. Or you may experiment with fresh vegetable juices sweetened with a little apple juice as they are not so aggressive cleansers as fruit juices.

The main idea is to give your body a fresh burst of minerals and vitamins so that it increases your immunity levels and makes your body resistant to diseases. Your metabolic rate will be accelerated, the risk of oral cancers, stomach upsets and cancers and heart diseases will be reduced and your body will be filled with antioxidants. Detox diets are often tough to maintain, you might like to be guided by a health professional who is knowledgeable about and has experience with detox programs. This is how to detox the body.