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How Are CoQ10 and Statins Connected For Heart Health?

How Are CoQ10 and Statins Connected For Heart Health?

CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10) has been shown to be an important supplement for maintaining the proper functioning of the heart. When a person is deficient in CoQ10, this person’s heart is susceptible to various types of heart disease, as well as other health conditions.

What is CoQ10?

It is a compound that is found naturally in the body. It is also a powerful fat-soluble antioxidant. The antioxidant properties of vitamin E depend on CoQ10 to be available so that the vitamin E can pass on the free radicals that it has collected. This compound can also act as an antioxidant on its own by protecting DNA from damage and other forms of oxidative damage that are caused by consuming too much polyunsaturated fatty acids.

It plays an important role in the production of ATP, which is the body’s cellular energy unit of carbohydrate and fatty acid metabolism. Your cells are not able to function without energy. The highest concentration is located in tissues and organs that require a lot of energy, such as the heart. This organ requires a large amount of energy to function.

How does Coenzyme Q10 Benefit the Heart?

It has been shown that CoQ10 can possibly help to prevent arteriosclerosis by reducing the accumulation of oxidized fats in the blood vessels. It also levels high blood pressure and regulates heart rhythm. Angina patients have reported improvement in chest pain and toleration of exercise with the use of Coenzyme Q10.

What are the Connections between Coenzyme Q10 and Statins?

Research has shown that drugs used to lower cholesterol can decrease the body’s supply of this compound. These drugs are generally known as statins. While these drugs are able to lower cholesterol by inhibiting the enzymes involved in cholesterol production that takes place in the liver, they also inhibit the production of CoQ10.

Since this compound is critical for proper heart function, it is imperative for people to supplement with Coenzyme Q10 if they are taking statins to lower cholesterol.

Is CoQ10 Found in Food enough for a Healthy Heart?

The highest amounts in food can be found in red meat products. The best sources of red meats are in the organs, such as liver and heart. The problem is that even if you eat these meats faithfully, other factors can compromise the levels in your body. People on statin drugs are affected, as well as people who do not eat red meat because they are told red meat is not healthy.

Heat can destroy the levels found in red meat. It is important not to overcook food to ensure the maximum benefits. It is also important to know where your meat comes from when trying to increase the levels of this compound in your body. Remember, the highest levels are found in the organs. Grass fed animals can have up to ten times more CoQ10 in their organs than grain-fed animals.

Unless you are one that consumes wild game or organs of grass fed animals on a regular basis, it is likely you do not get enough for a healthy heart. There are natural supplements that can help you increase the levels of this compound to ensure you are doing what you can for a healthy heart. Be sure to purchase an all natural CoQ10 supplement at your local natural food store or at an online natural distributor.