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Herbal Food Recipes to Try at Home

If you want to increase your health, you can start to have a better lifestyle. You do not have to start it with complicated way because there are simple ways such as consuming herbal food. As we know that herbal food contains of more good nutritious without side effects. Maybe it is difficult for you to accept the taste of herbal food. But you can mix it with any recipes or foods you like. If you are looking for the herbal food recipes, there are some recommendations below that you can try at home.

Cilantoro Thick Cream Sauce

Cilantoro cream sauce is the first herbal food recipe that you can try at home. This is not the main course but you can use it as sauce on your favorite foods. You can start to make it by adding the ingredients such as cream cheese, celery, black paper, and of course cilantoro into a bowl. You can put the composition of them according to your taste or you can make an experiment. After that blend all the ingredients and put it into the other bowl. It will become a thick cream sauce as the complementary of your favorite foods.

Garlic and Basil Paste

The next herbal food recipe is garlic and basil paste. This is also not a main course. But you can use it as the sauce for pasta or your other favorite foods. Start to make it with adding the ingredients such as olive oil, Parmesan cheese, nuts you like, chili powder, garlic and fresh basil. After that blend all the ingredients to become a paste. You also can make combination of two different vegetables such as spinach with basil. Your creativity is the most important for your cooking.

Tomato and Cucumber Salad with Chutney

The next herbal food recipe is tomato and cucumber salad with chutney. If you like to eat salad, you can try to make this recipe at your home. This is a very simple recipe because you only need to chop tomato and cucumber and add the dressing. You can put chutney from the fruits you like. You also can adjust the dressing according  to your taste.

Ice Mint Water

The last herbal food recipe is ice mint water. This is also a very recipe for you to try at home. You only need fresh mint, water, and ice cubes. If you like it sweet, you can add 2 spoons of sugar into the glass. You also can put mint leaves as the garnish at the top of the glass. Auricle Health services in New York City