Herbal Face Food Serum Products to Try

herbal face food serum

Thinking about food supply for our body is as important as taking care of our face. It is because thinking of anything that can increase our health is necessary to do. Face is one of the important parts of body that we need to think about. By giving herbal face food serum to our face, it will be useful for us in having a healthy and clean face skin. If you are looking for herbal face food serum products, you can take a look at the reviews below for more information.

Farsali Rose Gold Exilir Serum

Farsali is the first herbal face food serum product that you can try. This is a famous brand from USA which is often used by beauty blogger or make up enthusiast around the world. There are some choices of serums with different usability that you can find from this brand. But Farsali rose gold exilir is the most popular product around the world. This serum has a light texture with anti-aging formula. It also has rose hip seed oil as the main ingredient to nourish skin. Besides, it also contains of pure 24k gold that can glow your skin. This herbal face food serum is perfect for you if you want to have a healthy and glowing skin like gold. It contains of 100% natural ingredients that you do not need to worry.

Sensatia Botanicals Facial C-Serum

Sensatia Botanicals Facial C-Serum is the second herbal face food serum product. This product has two stores located in USA and Bali, Indonesia. If you have acne problem and oily skin, you can add this to your wish list. It is because this herbal face food serum contains of vitamin C from Kakadu plum which is good to keep your skin health. It also has a unique texture like orange syrup that is different with the serum products generally. Although this serum have a bit heavy texture, but it is really worth it if you use it routinely.

The Herbal Face Food

The next herbal face food serum product to choose is The Herbal Face Food. This is one of popular skincare products from America. No doubt that it is safety product in getting a perfect skin. This serum contains of 100% natural ingredients such as Aloe, Jojoba oil, Lavender, Jasmine, and many more. It is suitable for any kinds of skin types. The herbal face food can solve anti-aging, acne, and dull skin problems. It also has unique herbal aroma that may you never know it before.